HBZ Partner Spotlight – Bronx Community Health Network

Bronx Community Health Network (BCHN) was one of the first organizations to sign on and support the Healthy Beverage Zone project. In 2014, BCHN received a CDC REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) grant, which required the organization to focus on obesity prevention campaigns that took into account variables such nutrition and physical activity. “As BCHN was already implementing campaigns throughout the Bronx community to create access to healthier foods and beverages, becoming a Healthy Beverage Zone seemed like natural progression for the organization,” said Michael Hernandez, program manager and policy analyst at Bronx Community Health Network.

As an active HBZ partner, here are a few ways BCHN is encouraging their employees to choose healthier beverages:

BCHN has worked in tandem with the Department of Health to promote voluntary food and beverage guidelines throughout their organization.
They have increased healthier beverage options in vending their machines, at special events and meetings.
Staff has been introduced to fruit-infused water recipes.
BCHN works with vendors to ensure they offer healthy beverage options.
Water is available at all board meetings.
Water coolers have been placed generous throughout the organization to create greater access for all employees.

“Everyone at BCHN is excited to join the HBZ project and continue the good work we’ve implemented throughout the community by encouraging not only our employees but Bronxites to reclaim their health by choosing healthier beverages,” said Hernandez.

For more information about BCHN, visit http://www.bchnhealth.org/ and follow BCHN on Twitter at @BCHNHealth.