Bronx Community Board District 6

Bronx Community Board 6 represents the areas regarding Bathgate, Belmont, East Trenton, and West Farms. It is also home to Arthur Ave, the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Garden, Fordham University, and St. Barnabas Hospital. The community Boards responsibilities include dealing with land use and zone issues, assessing the needs of their own neighborhoods by making recommendations in the City’s budget process, and addressing other community concerns. In addressing other community concerns they have realized the big issue within the link between obesity rates in the Bronx and sugary beverages. They strive in making health awareness a priority just as much as other priorities like fire safety. Community Board 6 believes “health is wealth” and it is just as simple as facilitating more water towers and stocking the fridge with water to make it more available so people will want to make the healthier option instead of going out and buying a sugary drink. At each community board meeting they offer healthy beverages as well to promote the Healthy Beverage Zone Pledge to other companies and organizations they work with. They realize the importance to lead by example to get others aware and involved by letting people know they can do the same thing in their offices as well. The appointed members of the community board put interest in the community first before their own. Doing so, they emphasize the one thing that makes the biggest difference for others joining the Healthy Beverage Zone pledge is have managers lead by example so others will be more open to the idea and follow along as well. “It can be a quick fix but, have long lasting impacts within our community.”

By: Alexandra Batista


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Interviewer: John Sanchez (District manager)


Instagram: bronxcb6